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John Bird: I hadn’t given up and I didn’t feel sorry for myself

Social entrepreneur John Bird talks about how he produced a street paper that the homeless could sell and out of that created a social business

David Nash: If you’re ill, don’t wait for the ‘doctors'; do something about it yourself

JX Group’s David Nash talks about what made him give up the status and security of a Western corporation for the uncertainty of a newly-formed, Far Eastern, international oil and gas business

Sir Richard Branson: Businesses Should Become Forces For Good

A business is simply people creating something to make a difference in the world, says Sir Richard Branson


Pakistani Media Report Significant Meetings and FM Mullah

A much heralded meeting between Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and newly reinstalled Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh took place a few days ago on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in Yekaterinburg in Russia.

The schmoozer of Davos prepares to bare his teeth

In the week of the World Economic Forum Rani Singh talks to Angel Gurría, head of the OECD, who has sharp words on capitalist ‘schizophrenia’ and a coded warning for Gordon

India Has Its Own Homework to Do: OECD’s Angel Gurria

OECD secretary-general Angel Gurr'a tells Forbes India that though the slowdown in India is partly due to the euro zone crisis, better regulation in three key areas could help boost growth


Global Politics

Queen Noor of Jordan in exclusive interview with Al Arabiya

‘You cannot wait until the Israeli Palestinian conflict is resolved or the Kashmir conflict is resolved before you begin discussions.’

The Silent Power of Sonia Gandhi

The journey of a small town girl from Italy who has become one of the most influential people in the world

Eurozone can be rescued but needs political will: Vince Cable, British Secretary of State for Business

Eurozone can be rescued but needs political will: Vince Cable, British Secretary of State for Business



Forgotten victims of Tibet

HIGH in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal, five miles from the Tibetan border at 7,000ft, 88-year-old Pasang Lama sits outside a ramshackle hut.


The Olympic Cauldron: From 204 to a Single Flame

2012 Olympic cauldron designer, Thomas Heatherwick spoke to Forbes India about the concept that represented the extraordinary transitory togetherness of an Olympic Games

Paul Deighton: It’s Vital To Let People Feel They Are Part of the London 2012 Games

The CEO of the organising committee of the London Olympics, Paul Deighton, says that the Games are all about community bonding

You Can’t Buy an Olympic Medal: Lakshmi Mittal

Steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, who has set up the Mittal Champions Trust to nurture medal hopefuls, tells Forbes India that athletes have to position themselves for victory

You Have to Go Where It Hurts: Boris Becker

Tennis star-turned businessman Boris Becker tells Rani Singh that to become the very best in your chosen profession, you have to cross your own limit

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