Reporting for television, radio, print and online, Rani is also a producer and author.
She breaks stories and digs deep to get the access denied to others. Rani regularly travels across South Asia to Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan on assignment.
Her news reports have appeared on the BBC’s The World Tonight, Newshour, Newsnight and From Our Own Correspondent.
She has originated, produced and presented documentaries for the BBC.
Her portfolio of current affairs and factual reporting includes business, politics, religion and security.
Rani’s exclusive stories include British “Facebook Terrorist” Runa Khan, Kashmir, Nepal’s Tibetan refugees, Bangladesh’s latest election, and an interview with its PM. She was the first reporter to gain access to Bangladesh’s UN commanders and peacekeeping troops.
She recently interviewed the Dalai Lama over two sessions in India. Other interviewees include Sir Richard Branson, Kofi Annan, Queen Noor of Jordan, Gopichand Hinduja and Lakshmi Mittal.
Rani wrote the first international biography of Sonia Gandhi. It was commissioned in America and Mikhail Gorbachev wrote the foreword.
She is a Forbes Asia Contributor, writing several articles every month, and has a weekly column in the UK’s Asian Voice newspaper.
Rani started her career in BBC TV, presenting children’s programmes, and had a lead acting role in EastEnders for a few years.